About VisionHelp

The VisionHelp Group consists of leading optometrists dedicated to vision development and vision rehabilitation practicing in the United States with a background in state and national leadership in optometry and optometric education as university professors, authors and lecturers. The doctors of the VisionHelp Group meet regularly to discuss the latest developments and best practices as well as to facilitate and develop initiatives to advocate for professional and public awareness of developmental vision and rehabilitation.

The vision of the VisionHelp Group is to find solutions to end the senseless struggle associated with developmental and rehabilitative vision problems. One area of concern is for those with vision-based reading and learning problems because so many children and adults suffer from these conditions. With this in mind the VisionHelp Group is launching the VisionHelp Vision and Learning Project to help both professionals and patients get more information about how the visual system influences reading and learning and what can be done to help. To learn more about the VisionHelp Group, please visit visionhelp.com

VisionHelp team